Infrastructure Services

The modern Information Technology environment has ever changing needs including virtualization, consolidation, upgrading hardware, operating system shifts, incorporating cloud, and enabling mobility. These changes require knowledge of next generation vision of infrastructure projects within budget, scope, and on schedule. Understanding the technology is essential to configure these systems in their optimal design with the best performance and highest uptime.

Lion Federal Infrastructure Service team focuses on providing the best high availability support for all business applications without interruption to end-users. In-depth knowledge of various infrastructure deployment/options requires depending on SLA for customer’s business applications. We understand how imperative it is to sit down and assess the requirements before building the foundation for your infrastructure. Lion federal is knowledgeable in designing HA systems to protect entire systems with outages including network, hardware, databases, Active Directory, VDI and various applications failover. We work with multiple teaming partners that specialize in various infrastructure technologies, so we can provide the best total solution. The promise to our customers is to provide and ensure business continuity and efficiency through smooth operations of all critical/application systems. We understand the importance of implementing the most optimal infrastructure based on client’s requirements and budget.

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