What We Do

Most government agency budgets have decreased in the past few years, in unison, expectations of modernizing legacy systems and maintaining existing systems have increased. As these agencies are “stuck between a rock and a hard place,” surprisingly the solution is available. Open source software packages allow government agencies to modernize legacy systems and reduce their licensing fees significantly. Additionally, these new tools provide rich and elegant solutions that deliver better design for future maintainability and scalability, and at the same time offer an enhanced user experience.

Our Services

IT Modernization

Lion Federal has been a critical part of modernizing legacy systems for government agencies in the intelligence community. Using proven open-source libraries, new applications are easier to build today than ever.

Software Engineering

Lion Federal has used leading-edge open source packages to deliver high quality business solutions to our customers.

Enterprise Architecture

We can quickly help your organization to better embrace best practices for agency wide initiatives and stay compliant within the federal requirement guidelines for EA.

Infrastructure Services

We can help you with virtualization, consolidation, upgrading hardware, operating system shifts, incorporating cloud, and enabling mobility.

Data Center Engineering Services

Lion Federal provides resources that can gather requirements, prepare designs, and perform quality assurance on facilities.

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