Test Automation Framework


The Lion Federal Test Automation Framework (TAF) is a complete, AWS-focused testing tool that allows users to build and execute automation, performance, and security tests. The cloud-based version is available via the web, however, a native desktop application is offered on request for secure environments as well. The TAF is a comprehensive testing solution that makes testing simple, faster, and cheaper. The TAF can execute tests in parallel in a variety of environments such as AWS Device Farm, AWS EC2 Instances, data centers, and local machines. With the TAF's parallel testing capabilities, teams can execute hours of testing in a matter of minutes in the cloud, at a fraction of the price of typical testing environments.

Testing Capabilites

The Test Automation Framework's wide variety of testing capabilities optimizes all portions of QA and security testing. TAF allows teams not only to use their existing Selenium tests, but also provides an easy to use platform for teams to write self-documenting automation tests. TAF's bug tracking capabilities are also fully customizable to create bug tickets in Jira and/or TFS as well as send alerts via email and/or SMS. This being said, TAF significantly cuts down on the time taken to write tests, run tests, document and analyze results, log bug tickets, and alert the appropriate personnel.

TAF also provides users the capability to run customizable performance tests on anything from a webserver to database or message broker. TAF, also provides detailed reporting and charting of performance test results.

In addition to TAF's performance and automation testing capabilities, TAF can run a wide variety of security vulnerability tests at the click of a button. TAF's security tests include SQL injection (SQLi), Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF), Cross-site Scripting (XSS), Denial-of-Service (DOS), Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS), and many others coming soon. Like automation and performance tests, TAF can log bug tickets and notify the appropriate personnel in case of a cybersecurity emergency so that your organization can address vulnerabilities before they've been exploited.

Agile Behavior-Driven Development

The Test Automation Framework's use of Gherkin human-readable language enables teams to seamlessly integrate Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) into the Agile process. Tests written in our platform are self-documenting and can be written by anyone, regardless of technical ability. Utilizing TAF's BDD process modifications not only cuts down on the time needed to write and run automated tests, but requires significantly less testing resources including testers, machines, and energy.