Our firm delivers a comprehensive suite of services including software development, cloud solutions, and engineering for the design of facilities, tailored to both the public and private sectors. We offer robust support to government agencies, notably the Department of Homeland Security, while also serving a wide array of commercial industries such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, energy, and finance. Our offerings are enriched by advanced data science and analytics, as well as cutting-edge generative AI, ensuring that mission-critical software, systems, and facilities are not only installed but also meticulously maintained. The active engagement of our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) ensures that every project benefits from the highest caliber of professional expertise.

Software Architecture and Engineering

Clients desire technology solutions that can be built quickly and then easily maintained for tomorrow’s needs. They also want to reduce or eliminate expensive licensing fees that come with server and software suites. There is a new movement in both government and industry to use open-source software to meet enterprise development requirements. Lion Federal uses leading-edge open-source packages to deliver the highest quality business solutions to its customers, from development environment software, to collaboration suites, to robust enterprise application server software.

Lion Federal has a proven record of implementing 24-7 mission critical applications, and brings clients from a white board sketch to a production-ready deployment. It incorporates incremental design, development, and feedback to facilitate assessment of ongoing progress; this allows customers to be part of successful delivery of solutions. This incremental development approach, including frequent demos, prevents teams from straying far from customers' goals.

Cloud and Infrastructure Engineering

The modern information technology environment has ever-changing needs including virtualization, consolidation, upgrading hardware, shifting operating systems, incorporating cloud services, and enabling mobility. A deep understanding of these technologies is essential for optimal configuration, best performance, and continuous uptime.

Lion Federal infrastructure service teams focus on providing the best high-availability support for all business applications without interruption. It is critical to assess requirements before building the foundation for the client’s environment. Lion Federal is knowledgeable in designing High Availability (HA) systems to protect from outages, including network, hardware, database, Active Directory, VDI and applications failover. Its teams work with multiple partners that specialize in various infrastructure technologies in order to provide a total solution. The promise to customers is to ensure business continuity and efficiency, along with smooth operations of all critical systems. We understand the importance of implementing such an optimal infrastructure based on a client’s requirements while staying within their budget.

Facilities and Data Center Design Engineering

Data centers, office spaces, and facilities must be well-designed, tested, and built for the customer’s needs. Both new and existing facilities must adhere to these standards. Lion Federal provides SMEs who will gather requirements, prepare designs, and perform quality assurance for any infrastructure project. Its versatile Professional Engineers (PEs) have strong certifications and credentials to help with future-proofing any location.

Lion Federal provides customized facility quality assurance service frameworks to achieve management of product and service delivery, forcing standards adherence, program management excellence, and risk identification and mitigation. Its customized assessments can ensure success for our customers by satisfying their facility needs. Whether it is performing site surveys of the passive infrastructure, enhancing network performance, building out office space, or building a data center from start to finish, Lion Federal provides the resources to get the job done.

Data Science and Analytics

In today's data-driven world, making informed decisions is crucial for success. Lion Federal offers comprehensive data science and analytics services that enable organizations to derive actionable insights from their data. Our team of experts uses cutting-edge techniques in data mining, machine learning, and statistical analysis to help our clients make data-driven decisions. Whether it's predicting future trends, optimizing operations, or uncovering hidden patterns, Lion Federal ensures that our clients are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of their respective sectors.

Generative AI

Lion Federal is adept at deploying and fine-tuning Generative AI solutions, specializing in the utilization of frontier models to cater to the unique needs of both our government and commercial clients.

We strategically employ open-source LLMs in on-premise deployments to ensure the highest levels of security and compliance, particularly in sensitive environments such as SCIFs. These on-premise solutions are meticulously tailored to operate seamlessly in airlocked environments, emphasizing data confidentiality and operational integrity.

For our commercial products, we harness the capabilities of both open source and proprietary LLMs to provide customers with the bleeding edge of Generative AI capabilities in a cost-effective manner. This approach allows us to deliver innovative and specialized solutions while adhering to the stringent security requirements of our government clientele.

By integrating Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), programmatic function calling, and model fine-tuning, our solutions can interact seamlessly with various data sources and processing functions. This ensures our solutions are not only contextually aware but can also execute complex tasks, providing our clients with insightful and actionable outputs.

Lion Federal is committed to delivering secure, tailored, and cutting-edge Generative AI solutions that empower our government and commercial clients to navigate their challenges with unparalleled precision and efficiency.