DigiCloud Services—a Small Business Administration approved 8(a) mentor-protégé joint venture between Ventera Corporation and Lion Federal—is a leading provider of enterprise solutions to U.S. Government’s defense, intelligence, health, and civilian agencies.

Cloud Engineering

DigiCloud offers complete end-to-end cloud capabilities including cloud strategy development, migration and operations in a wide range of cloud computing platforms, such as Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our experts understand the cloud is one of the most important domains for businesses and government to explore, and our vendor-agnostic resources and proven assessment methodologies support our clients as they select and implement the best cloud computing solution for their requirements and environment.


DigiCloud is a leading provider of Agile development services, placing us at the forefront of modernization and development efforts. Our development teams use leading-edge open-source packages to deliver the highest quality business solutions to our customers, from development environment software, to collaboration suites, to robust enterprise application server software, and our recent development of a Test Automation Framework provides one-click automation for DEVOPS. Decades of experience in UX Design, Agile and SCRUM methodologies ensure our customers needs are quickly and efficiently met.

Data Management

At DigiCloud, we understand that having good data is critical to ongoing operations as well as to transforming information into insight. We continue to be a leading provider of data management capabilities, delivering data solutions to manage, integrate, and transform and bring meaning to data. Our experience in business intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions for government customers has contributed to critical mission success in national security and healthcare. From data cleansing and management to data analytics and robotic process automation, DigiCloud’s team of experts have been at the forefront of the development, implementation and innovation in data for decades.

Facilities Engineering

Facilities Engineering DigiCloud’s versatile Professional Engineers provide customized facility quality assurance service frameworks to ensure data centers, office spaces, and facilities are well-designed, tested and built for the needs of today’s government departments and agencies. Whether performing site surveys of the passive infrastructure, enhancing network performance, building out office space, or building a data center from start to finish, DigiCloud ‘s engineering team has the certifications and capabilities to future-proof your facilities.